Our Mission

To provide Dietary operations support to long-term care facilities.

To partner with the center’s management team and provide appropriate solutions to their concerns.

To  share in the facility’s goals in giving the best services and experiences to our residents.


Focus of Services

  • Support to FSDs, Administrators, and Regional Teams
  • Pre-survey readiness
  • Auditing
    • Financial Review
    • Labor Analysis
    • Snack/Supplement Program
    • Dining Enhancement Opportunities
    • Customer Service
  • QA Programs
    • Customer Service
    • Waste Management
    • Sanitation Improvement
  • Education
    • Monthly In-servicing/Training Calendar
    • Task Assignment Review
Success with Nutritional Services Consulting

Measurements of Success

To measure the outcomes of the NSC Program, the following indicators will be used in addition to the feedback of the FSDs, the Administrators, and Executive team.

  • Positive results/improvements from the facilities’ end of month financial reporting.
  • Increased satisfactory results on Customer Service Surveys.
  • Indicators of forward movement in corporate goals towards more enhanced dining services.


NSC Consultants will meet with the facility and listen to their concerns, make observations and recommendations to develop a direction of corrective action.

Monthly Financial Reporting

  • Provide ongoing monthly budgetary reporting (Food, Supplies, Dietary Supplements).
  • Base compliance on facility census and goals.
  • Implement and utilize our unique Spend Down(Invoice Tracking) Tool.
  • Give feedback and recommendations based on purchasing history.


In addition to time spent inside of the facility, the NSC Consultants will be available by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings as needed.

NSC Goals

Other Services


NSC menus have been successful to provide quality, customer satisfaction, and best practice while meeting the constrained budgetary needs of our industry.

Menus and Therapeutic Extensions are:

  • Reviewed and edited each season.
  • 4-Week Cycle
  • Two Season- Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer
  • Provided to you in an editable form so regional and population-based influences can be adhered to.
  • Editable so facility dietitian and speech therapists can manipulate them to their personal philosophies.
  • Required to be reviewed and approved by the facility/ corporate dietitian.
  • Offered in several different formats in consideration of facility census, textures, and styles of menu selection.


NSC has created and collected tools, forms, and documents throughout the years. Why recreate what has already been established?

Facility Login access offers:

  • Time and Temperature Logs
  • Quality Improvement Tools
  • Employee Training Aids
  • Survey Prep Audits