Meet the Team

NSC is currently made up of two consultants, Matt Phelps, and Lynn Moylan. Both are former healthcare foodservice facility and regional managers with over 40 years of operations experience in New England.

Matt is a resident of Manchester, CT and has been a hands-on foodservice director and regional foodservice director for over 20 years throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. During this time, his focus has been to provide solutions needed to get homes with budgetary, quality, and operational concerns back on their feet.

Matt works with many diverse facilities to implement his customized systems and routines in order to structure the Dietary operations in a way that provides best practice, analysis, and successful outcomes to DPH compliance, unique dining programs, and operational standardization.

  • 20 years experience with a focus on troubled facilities (SFF, labor reduction, food quality enhancements).
  • Concentrates on implementing dining and food production strategies to improve facility’s community image.
  • Motivated to present menus/food to our resident population while maintaining the financial constraints of the industry.
  • Team building to share knowledge and uniform procedures, techniques, and problem solving.
  • Supportive to provide Nutritional Services expertise to FSDs, Administrators, Regional Teams, and Nursing Staff.
  • Focus on pre-survey readiness. Sanitation, Emergency Preparedness, Dining Environment.
  • Strives to encourage the Foodservice Directors, and their teams, to have passion in their mission to improve the quality of our resident’s lives.

Matt Phelps

Founder & Consultant

Lynn is a lifetime resident of Ludlow, MA and has worked in nutritional departments of long term care facilities for 25 years in the state of Massachusetts. During this time, she has also worked as a sanitarian for 2 1/2 years.  In her 14 years as a Food Service Director, Lynn was known to meet her financial goals while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

For the past three years Lynn has been a consultant with NSC throughout the state of Massachusetts and Connecticut providing support to the foodservice directors she supports and enhancing the dining experience of the residents.  Lynn’s goal is to improve the resident’s and family’s perceptions of the industry by coordinating systems on the facility level such as:

  • Reviewing products to get a quality product and meet the financial goals.
  • Offering facilities solutions to change the culture of institutional tray service by implementing Point of Service Dining, enhancing plate presentation, and ensuring the dining environment is suitable.
  • Strategize with directors for cost saving measures.
  • Promote resident choice and quality home-like snack programs.
  • Encourage the use of fortified foods over traditional supplements.