Dietary Operations

NSC provides cooperative support to the dietary operations of your facility by providing the tools, menus, and audits to make the difference.

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Consultant Services

NSC supports the foodservice director to enhance the nutritional services department by using the services of experience foodservice consultants.

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Reports and Menus

NSC provides proven, successful menus and detailed financial reporting systems to help run your dining program at maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

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Advantages to Our Program

  • Supports the FSD to succeed by utilizing using the services of experienced foodservice consultants when oversight is not budgeted for.
  • Adds another member to the team approach of Marketing, Community Outreach, and Dining Enhancements.
  • Provides comprehensive help to dietary operations. To include:
    • Menu and therapeutic extensions development
    • Intricate analysis of Cost Centers (Food, Supplies, Labor)
    • Culture Change-based Dining Enhancements
    • DPH Survey Readiness
    • Quality Improvement Projects